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3 days 8 hours ago
Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire. —William Butler Yeats It seems to me that nonfiction writing is one of the least talked about genres—and yet, maybe the most important. One of the most valuable tenets of good nonfiction writing is CURIOSITY. And, once writers recognize this, they realize how important...
4 days 8 hours ago
Every week our elementary faculty meets in Professional Learning Community (PLCs). Learning Communities are compiled of 2 grade levels working together to ensure student success. Kindergarten and 1st Grade form a learning community, 2nd and 3rd grade are another learning community and 4th and 5th grades make up the last elementary learning...
6 days 8 hours ago
Children seem to come out of the womb stating (or maybe screaming) their opinions. You know that from the time you dip their toes into their first bath, or when you give them their first bite of pureed peas, or when you try to help them choose what clothes to wear—they all have opinions. They might not be able to explain why they think what... (1)
1 week 3 days ago
As a new school year is beginning and I’m setting up my classroom, I cannot help but think about the importance of setting up and establishing a strong classroom community. The classroom is a living thing: flexible, and always changing to meet the needs of the learners. The teacher and students are all learners in this space, learning from...
1 week 4 days ago
Here we go! Part 1 focused on the considerations for students new to SIPPS. In this blog we focus on the considerations for students continuing with SIPPS instruction. There is no need to re-administer the placement test to students who are continuing SIPPS instruction from the previous year. Recovery and Reactivation: Students Continuing in SIPPS... (1)
1 week 6 days ago
Back to school! As we usher in the 2014–2015 school year with hope and anticipation, let’s consider our SIPPS implementation. We offer two blogs to support your implementation: Part 1 is focused on the considerations for students new to SIPPS and Part 2 focuses on the considerations for students continuing with SIPPS instruction. The... (1)
4 weeks 4 days ago
It’s that time of summer when many of my teacher friends are starting to turn their energy and attention towards next year’s class. Is that true for you, too? What are your hopes for your new classroom? How do you want this year’s classroom to feel? What intention are you setting for the climate of your class? We at DSC believe... (5)
7 weeks 5 days ago
The National Generation Science Standards (NGSS) have met AfterSchool KidzScience and I am glad to report they are getting along famously. We all need to work together to support children’s learning and AfterSchool KidzScience is an interactive and fun way to bring science to your afterschool programs. Knowing that AfterSchool KidzScience...
8 weeks 6 days ago
Kathleen is an intervention teacher in Pinellas County, Florida. She and her colleagues have been strategically providing interventions to third-, fourth-, and fifth-graders. Data analysis revealed some students required explicit instruction and practice with phonics and word study instruction. They grappled with ways to provide this support.... (1)
9 weeks 6 days ago
Did you know that AfterSchool KidzScience has videos to support your professional development and implementation of the KidzScience program? Click here to check out the AfterSchool KidzScience Video Clips on the DSC website. I recently reviewed these videos for my own guidance and wanted to share some key take-home messages that resonated with me...