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The Making Meaning program is a classroom-tested K–8 reading curriculum that combines comprehension research with best practices for social and emotional learning. This unique approach creates an environment in which students learn to collaborate, agree and disagree respectfully, and take responsibility for their own learning. Carefully selected nonfiction and fiction read-aloud trade books support the teaching of nine different comprehension strategies, developing students’ thinking and understanding of increasingly complex texts.

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“I especially appreciate how several of the class meetings helped the students develop a sense of empathy and encouraged them to think about how their actions would make others feel.”

— Andrea Richards, grade 3 teacher

How Making Meaning Will Help You Teach to the Common Core

The Making Meaning program fully addresses the Common Core State Standards. The Standards expect students to:

  • Read a wide variety of high-quality, increasingly complex texts across disciplines and genres
  • Read for key ideas, details, craft, and structure, and integrate knowledge and ideas
  • Synthesize, evaluate, and conduct comparative textual analysis
  • Refer to texts in increasingly complex ways and cite textual evidence to support their thinking
  • Be productive members of conversations that require them to engage in provocative talk about texts with their teacher and peers

The Making Meaning program provides:

  • 18–29 selected read-aloud trade books and additional varied texts
  • An explicit focus on social development
  • Rigorous lessons developed intentionally to build consistency within and across units and grade levels
  • Opportunities for teachers to confer with students and probe for evidence in the text to support their thinking
  • Challenges to read closely and critically, weigh evidence, form opinions, and develop habits of mind
  • Chances for students to read, reread, and reflect on their understanding of a variety of complex reading materials and on the strategies used in the texts

New Comprehension Units to Support the Common Core

DSC has produced new units, lessons, and extension activities that address specific Common Core State Standards not previously covered. The new instructional materials support the following standards in Reading Literature and Reading Informational Text:

  • Standards 6 and 9

These supplements are offered free of charge exclusively to users of the Making Meaning program. Click here to learn more.

For additional support correlating your instruction to the goals of the Common Core State Standards, you can also use our correlation tool. It allows you to search by either DSC program or state standard to identify all standards addressed in a selected DSC program within a unit, week, or lesson, or find which lessons in any DSC program address a selected standard.



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